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Disposable Transfusion Sets
Disposable Transfusion Sets
• extra-long adjuster design, adjust distance is more than 30mm, wide and thick side holder, comfortable to hold, resistant to distortion, precise adjustment
• precise measurement: burette within the bucket, drops visible 20 dropsduring liquid medicine injection, 1ml
• safety transfusion design: the filtering rate to particulate above 0.5µm in the air is more than 90%, the filtering rate of blood filter to clot is more than 80%
• one-piece structure: filtering web and support bonded as one-piece, high firmness, high reliability
• high flow rate design: no less than 1000ml of blood output within 30 minutes in standard condition, no less than 500ml of blood output within 2 minutes in condition with pressure, to satisfy clinic needs fully
• good fittings to medical devices: 6:100 cone connector, luer and non-luer design, precise size, light and handy, to use with syringes or infusion sets of any brand
• sterile protective sheath at the end of infusion set to ensure asepsis; waterproof ventilate membrane on luxury sterile sheath can automatically extrude air in infusion tube, easy to use
• professional clinic application: add medicine through specially designed injection port to meet the need of clinic therapy, no extra penetration.
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