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Contact Us
Tel: +86 577 56843868
Fax: +86 577 56769169
E-mail: info@healthymedical.cn
Contact person: Ms.Grace Chen
Address: 11-301,Wutian Hezhuang          zone,Ouhai District,Wenzhou, Zhejiang          Province,China
Healthy Medical Development Co.,ltd dedicates to provide high quality Medical products, such as Medical disposable, Medical instruments, Medical equipments, Surgical dressing, etc.  All of the products have been approved by ISO13485 and CE Certificates
With cost effective production and excellent quality service, we ensure that our OEM/ODM products not only meet our customers' specification and timeframe, but also increase your profit.

Cut down your cost!
Improve your quality!
Help you take shares of Asian market!

Welcome like-minded companies to contact us to establish mutually beneficial and strategic long-term working relationships with us
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